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Perfect for on-the-go touch ups, this 6 piece customizable kit keeps you looking flawless and oil-free!  Our Translucent Powder absorbs excess oil throughout the day while our Powder Blush adds lifting long wearing color. Get the perfect application no matter where you are with our 2 inch Kabuki Brush. Finish your look the Creme Lipstick, Eyeliner & Mascara of your choice. 


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Powder Blush

One-third the size of an average blush, our mirrored compact makes touch-ups in tiny spaces a breeze. Our buildable powder blush with cream-like feels gives a flawless natural finish with a veil of light reflecting color that stays all day.

Fawn (Bundle price)
Peach (Bundle price)
Rose (Bundle price)

Translucent Powder

One-third the size of an average compact, our translucent powder makes touch-ups in tiny spaces a breeze. This multi-purpose powder, housed in a magnetic mirrored compact, can be used to mattify your complexion, set a look, or on its own as a blurring veil.  It’s the ultimate on the go hero.

Default Title
Bundle Item

Kabuki Brush

Made with luxurious synthetic fibers, this kabuki brush pairs perfectly with a variety of formulations from creams to powders. The angled shape helps achieve optimal product pickup as well as fitting to all the curves to your face for seamless application. This 2 inch tall companion is ideal for your on-the-go makeup bag.

Standard (Bundle price)

Creme Lipstick

Our highly pigmented, long-wearing cream lipstick delivers smooth color that works as hard as you do. Full of nourishing ingredients that keep your lips hydrated even on the longest day. Our favorite part? It's small enough to go where you go and one swipe will do with this super opaque color.

Muted Plum
Champagne (Bundle price)
Peony (Bundle price)
Scarlet (Bundle price)
Fig (Bundle price)
Cranberry (Bundle price)
Raspberry (Bundle price)
Muted Plum (Bundle price)

Effortless Eyeliner

Enhance your eyes with our ever-sharp liner that's the size of a q-tip. Our effortless formula glides on smooth and sets in 30 seconds for all-day wear.

Spice (Bundle price)
Jet (Bundle price)
Jet (100% Off)


Our mascara comes in two formulations:

The Extreme Length Mascara is formulated without thickening fibers so the focus is on length. The aqueous consistency pairs perfectly with the silicone brush and together they hug each lash for extreme definition—no lash left behind!

The Defined Volume formula is packed full of fibers that deliver impressive volume and definition. This fibrous formula is thick in nature so no pumping, please! You'll dry it out quicker and besides you want those fibers sticking to your lashes, not to the brush.​

Extreme Lash
Defined Lash
Extreme Lash (Bundle price)
Defined Lash (Bundle price)
Defined Lash (100% Off)

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