Woman of Stowaway

Carmen Mendoza



Complexion: Light

Cheeks: Peach Blush

Eyes: Jet, Mascara, & Essential Eye Palette

Lips: Raspberry Lipstick


Carmen is a true triple threat as she can sing, dance, and act! A professionally trained dancer, she uses her incredible talent to teach ballroom dancing to elementary school students through Dancing Classrooms. She's a frequent performer in New York City's comedy scene and off-Broadway musical theater scene. As she is often traveling between auditions, rehearsals and multiple schools, she loves that Stowaway products can keep up with her without weighing her or her bag down.  Learn more about Carmen and her favorite Stowaway products below.

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About Carmen And Why She Chooses Stowaway

1. What’s your daily beauty routine?

I'd say water is the most important part of my routine. If I don't drink enough water, the first place it shows is my skin! Plus, moisturizers, in the morning I like to use something with SPF and at night something rich in antioxidant defense.

2. The one item that without which your day is in shambles (or at least more challenging)?

Breakfast! If I don't start off my day with the fuel I need, I'm not going to last.

3. Tell us something about your job that inspires your work?

Most of my students have never taken a dance class before and its less likely they've ever danced with a partner. It is incredibly inspiring to witness the confidence and reassurance that dance can provide them. Its more than just mastering the steps! By the end of our semester, they've learned to express themselves in a whole new way.

4. Where can we find you most Saturdays at noon?

Cozy on my sofa reading a new book!

5. Biggest makeup faux pas from the past?

I really hope pencil-thin eyebrows are a thing of the past. Pretty sure Clara Bow was the first and last person to pull them off.

6. How does Stowaway make your life easier?

When I head out in the morning, I carry with me everything I'll need for the day. That can sometimes include a change of clothes, shoes and my laptop, so adding a bulky makeup bag on top of that can feel like a burden. My Stowaway makeup doesn't feel like I'm carrying a brick around and really lightens my load.