Woman of Stowaway

Kim Leia


Finance Manager

Complexion: Light

Cheeks: Cantaloupe Cheek & Lip Rouge

Eyes: Mascara

Lips: Peony Cheek & Lip Rouge


Kim is a Finance Manager at a leading Adtech Company. When she is not working hard in Excel, you can most likely find her on an adventure in an exotic part of the world! She is a fitness fanatic and lives for adrenaline driven trips, from hiking on the East and West Coasts to off-roading in Greece to running along the beaches of Hawaii. A self-described makeup minimalist, she loves Stowaway because of our compact sizes, clean ingredients, and easy application. Learn more about Kim and her must-have Stowaway products below.



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About Kim And Why She Chooses Stowaway

1. How does Stowaway make your life easier?

I work out every morning before work and I carry my portable Stowaway makeup bag with me to the gym, to work and any after work activities I may have. I Love it!

2. What motivates you to get up everyday?

Being able to build a life that I don't need a vacation from, pursuing whole body and mind health and wealth. Learning more about the world through books and traveling.

3. What is a must do for you everyday?

Exercise (I'm a huge foodie and a fitness junkie)!

4. The one item that without which your day is in shambles (or at least more challenging)?

My calendar! I use it to plan my day, weeks and year. Also, since it's a paper book, I journal my thoughts and ideas in it too!

5. What TV show are you currently binge - watching?

Game of Thrones. I can't get enough of it.

6. What’s your daily beauty routine?

I have my morning and my night routines. Majority of it is focused on skincare, but the makeup that I do wear is Stowaway. I love the Cheek & Lip Rouge, which is so compact and easy to apply with just my fingers!"