Woman of Stowaway

Suruchi Ahuja


Chief Financial Officer

Complexion: Light

Cheeks: Peony Cheek & Lip Rouge

Eyes: Spice, Mascara, & Essential Eye Palette

Lips: Fig Lipstick


Suruchi is the Chief Financial Officer of Tillman Infrastructure, a US-based telecommunications company that owns and operates mobile infrastructure through the country. She often travels between job sites, satellite offices, and her home base in NYC. Outside of work she is classically trained Indian dancer and has been part of various dance companies over the past decade. She has been a Stowaway supporter since the inception thanks to the ease of the products to keep up with her busy, multifaceted life.  Learn more about Suruchi and her favorite Stowaway products below.

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About Suruchi And Why She Chooses Stowaway

1. How does Stowaway make your life easier?

I run around a lot and I love that it's light enough that my makeup doesn't feel caked-on, even when I am touching up. Plus, it's small enough that it doesn't add weight to my already-too-heavy handbag.

2. The one item that without which your day is in shambles (or at least more challenging)?

A very large cappuccino. Sometimes multiple a day!

3. What is a must do for you everyday?

Exercise - it keeps me sane. Especially when I am on the road.

4. Where can we find you most Saturdays at noon?

Brunch with friends.

5. Biggest makeup faux pas from the past?

Actually, a kind of recent one, wearing foundation that was too light (in color). I looked very pale in pictures from a few years ago!

6.How often do you touch up your makeup during the day?

One or two times, depending on the day!